No matter how sturdy and well-built a building is, it cannot function properly without the protection provided by a suitable roof. There are two main types of roofing – residential (installed on private homes) and commercial (installed on industrial, business or public buildings). Usually commercial roofs are flat, while residential ones tend to be steeper. However, this is not a general rule, only a preference dictated by practical reasons.

Industrial Commercial Building Roofs

If you have an industrial or a commercial building, you have several options when it comes to choosing an adequate roofing system.

Traditional asphalt and slate roofing or the practical built-up (also named tar and gravel) and single ply roofs are worth considering, of course. However, now you can also opt for something versatile, durable and extremely stylish: metal roofing.

Because of its many functional and aesthetic benefits, metal roofing is appropriate both for residential and commercial buildings. It usually comes in a wide variety of metal roofing colors and designs that will allow your building to have an elegant modern look.

Installing a Metal Roof on Your Business

Installing such a roofing system will require a serious investment, as you probably already know. However, on the long run a metal roof will be the guarantee of the safety and durability of your commercial building, protecting it from different dangerous factors such as extreme temperatures, rain and snow, strong winds, fire (metal is a non-combustible material), leakages, rot and decay, mildew and insects.

Metal roofing is also recyclable, being a very eco-friendly material. It can be installed over existing asphalt, slate or wooden roofs, this way reducing your expenses and the mess created when the old roof needs to be torn off.

Once you install a metal roof, you will no longer need to spend lots of money on repairs and maintenance. All you’ll have to do is wash the roof when it gets dirty (which is a fairly easy process) and repaint it when you notice that the previous layer of paint loses its luster and there is the danger of rust and peel-offs.

And, of course, metal roofs are durable, lasting two or three times longer than other roofing systems. With usual shingles, there is always the risk of leakages and wind damage – problems that are easily solved by installing metal tiles or panels. A metal roof will protect not only the walls of your building, but also all the expensive office equipments that could be easily destroyed by water.

Don’t forget to choose the color of the roof according to the purpose of your building. For commercial structures you can use bolder colors – for example your brand color or a bright color that will attract the attention of your customers. However, commercial buildings can have various purposes as well: a color that would be suitable for a company selling construction materials might look totally out of place if you have an insurance company, a clinic or if you’re a lawyer.

Keep in mind that in order to protect your roof from discoloration, rust and corrosion, this way keeping your preferred metal roofing color alive and shining for a long time, you have to choose good paints and finishes! A quality product will make the metal roof almost invulnerable when facing different calamities, also protecting its stylish image.

The first thing you should do when you decide to install a metal roof is to hire a professional contractor. The specialist will assess your building, deciding which type of roofing and what materials are most suitable for your particular needs.

‘Metal roofing’ is a broad term.  This roofing system comes in many models and materials, among which we could name aluminum, steel, iron, copper and different alloys and coatings that add to the lifespan of the metal.

Aluminum is the most affordable option while copper is the most expensive one (a copper roof can last up to 100 years). Steel is usually galvanized with a zinc or copper coating which protects it from rust and increases its durability.

Metal roofing also comes in standing seam or corrugated panels, both of them being extremely appropriate for commercial structures. On the other hand, if you want to imitate the old-fashioned look of terracotta or cedar shingles, you can opt for metal tiles that look exactly like the mentioned shingles. No matter what kind of design you have in mind, metal roofing can make it a reality!

Being extremely versatile and durable, metal roofing adds to the value of your property, at the same time making it more stylish and attractive. It also gives your building a clean modern look that cannot be attained with other roofing systems.

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